Welcome in Atelier by Dahl

The place of creation

You expect more from the painting than from a houseplant. And I create art that is a mirror of your changing thoughts, memory of that special anniversary. Art that provokes to reflection and shows our longing for the spirit (that we’re seeking so much in churches or meditations and still can’t find)

Atelier by Dahl offers emotional products. Yes. Art is physical, decorative and you can touch it (even have a date with). But actually why do you spend money? You want that boredom and dullness out from your home. I’ll help you. I create paintings that show more of your personality. Your inner charm and peace will show up outside of you.

I found my “WHY” thanks to my client, who said: “I want to express myself through art, even if it's not me who creates it.” I believe that’s why my biggest passion is painting and why I am now in your world. I come to be the creator of Your art. (and I am sooo excited and humble about it)

Let me help you to express yourself