About Atelier by Dahl

I am an artist.

My biggest passion is painting. I believe our being and our Creator is the biggest art we can experience as humans. I want to help you to connect with yourself even more by giving you my art to consume it on your walls, at homes, in the gallery or office.

My goal is to relieve a memory of many emotions and relationships in one piece of art. Evoking both positive and negative associations, I invite viewers to feel all the range of their personality, both the light and the shadow. Through the light in paintings, I try to guide them on this path. The light serves like a harbor.

I start with creating the atmosphere in paintings. Nowadays we live fast, not focused on the environment and feeling we have anywhere we are. I want to touch it with my art. I want to penetrate your heart. I want you to stop thinking for a moment and experience effect of meditation without meditating.

My art is to be felt behind the eyes. I am focused on capturing the moment of creating an idea. Idea behind the colors and forms is as much important as the visual effect I create.

I am 30 years old visual artist who comes from Poland and now lives in Norway. I hold a Master degree in Special Needs Educations and Care (2014) Art and painting come to my life first in adulthood after I became a mother. I have my whole focus on art now. When I worked through my past and allowed myself to be a woman I always have been, then I just bloomed with creation.

I work most with acrylic and oil paintings. I have an eye for photography also and want to create paintings based on that. Painting is a game between the unconscious and the conscious and a space for emotions and thoughts. A space that sometimes has to be much larger than canvas and move on to the installation.

My art is made slowly and intensely and will be best savored in that way. Consume.