Why meditation is good for you?

2021-05-12 11:46:37

...cause meditation is life. We are meditation.

Hm, I shouldn't write the answer in the first sentence of this article, should I? I should have invited you to read the whole article and so on.

But if it's enough for you and you deeply know that meditation is good for all creators, that meditation is life, then you don't have to read more.

Although if you think, you're not a creator and you don't need meditation, you can definitely read on.


Artist and meditation

“Meditation is the way in which we come to feel our basic inseparability from the whole universe, and what that requires is that we shut up.

That is to say, that we become interiorally silent and cease from the interminable chatter that goes on inside our skulls.

Because you see, most of us think compulsively all the time.” Alan Watts

We've heard that meditation helps us to get our mind still and our thinking clear. Meditation is this point "zero". But what if closed eyes and a lotus pose isn't for us? Are we "bad monks"? :) Do we suck in meditation? Is it even possible? I don't believe that anyone can be bad in meditation. I believe that every good artist knows exactly what a state of pure bliss means. What a state of only observation actually means. They don't have to go to meditation class for that. Although it is also good and important for some people.

What about that "artist's thing" I mentioned above? Well, let's see to Julia Cameron and her point of view:

“No matter what your age or your life path, whether making art is your career or your hobby or your dream,

it is not too late or too egotistical or too selfish or too silly to work on your creativity.”

All kind of meditation and mindfulness practice can help us to connect with ourselves, get the flow and work on mysterious creativity.


What about that flow?

When I get into flow through art, I feel like I am in that state that spiritual world calls "I AM". I am not making decisions about what to do now but I am allowing it to emerge and develop. When this happens, it’s pretty magical. That's a core in my work. Beyond a good plan, composition, choice of palette and brushes, values, other tools, motive and so on, there is this precious state when I just AM.

I am the ART and ART is me. I really feel like I am not in control of the art that is coming from me. This deep state is really important for artists to could make an art that will connect with other people.

If you're looking for more inspiration, maybe in form of visual art, I created two paintings with title "Meditation", that you can see in my atelier.